Can Bail Bondsman Use Force When Recapturing A Skip

What you see on television when it comes to bounty hunters and other law enforcement personal is really dramatized, however, in real life there are going to be some bounty hunters who will take the fictional world and translate it into their day to day jobs.

As a bounty hunter you can either be a part of a company such as Acme Bail Bonds San Diego or you can be an independent contractor trained and licensed by your state in order to apprehend fugitives that have skipped out on a bond.  Either way, bailbonds San Diego need to follow specific rules.

As a bondsman or bounty hunter you are able to use what force is necessary to get your charge.  Bondsman are able to carry a firearm and use deadly force if deemed to be necessary.  However, most situations won’t escalate to that level.

If a fugitive runs the bounty hunter will be able to give chase and tackle and or tase a fugitive.  They are still liable for any injuries they may inflict on others, but they do have the ability to conduct business like a law enforcement officer.  If you are being pursued by a bounty hunter or bondsman, the best course of action is to turn yourself in.

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Communication is key

At the end of the day, the bondsman, bounty hunter and the court don’t want to waste time, money or resources chasing after you.  When you get a bond, you are being given a chance to prove you can do the right thing.  If your intentions are to just get over on the system or skirt by on your legal obligations, then you are just setting yourself up for more trouble down the road.  The best thing that you can do is just prepare for your day in court, resolve any issues and then move on from your mistake.