Protecting Yourself Around Electricity

Electricity is something that you don’t want to mess with.  When it comes to electricity it can be a very dangerous and deadly substance.  If you don’t respect it, it won’t respect you.  With this in mind, dealing with a professional company who install gfci outlets houston will help protect you and your family.

Turn off breaker

If you don’t remember anything else the main thing that you will want to do is turn off the main breaker. The main breaker will shut off all power going to your home.  This breaker is typically located in the garage by the water heater or it will be in a closet in a master bedroom.  It is very important that you know where it is in case of an emergency.

Stay away from water

Water is a conductor of electricity.  If you have wet fingers, are standing in water of if you have water come in contact with you in one way or another you can become electrocuted.  This can be very serious to deadly.  So, no matter what you do, stay away from water.

Don’t cross wires

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When working with wires and electricity you will be using different wires that have different colors.  These colors represent different parts of your electrical flow.  Typically, the black is the ground wire which is your safety wire.  Red and green wires are typically the other wires.  Don’t cross different colors with each other.  If you do it can cause a lot of electrical issues.

Stay grounded

When working with your wires and electricity you want to stay grounded.  You want to work on a concrete or wooden floor.  You want to work on a wooden table and wear rubber sole shoes.  If you follow these basic precautions and don’t try to bite off more than you can chew then you should be good and safe.