Things You Can Do After Tooth Has Been Extracted

Maybe some of you are sensitive to this, but it is to be expected. The experience does not need to be painful but to be realistic, it is expected that there will be some discomfort, at least for a short while. But in the process, basic tooth extraction aftercare newport news tips should be provided by the dentist particularly for those entirely new to such experiences. And these are the things that you will be doing for yourself to speed up the healing.

You may well be prescribed painkillers, if necessary. So do make sure that you stick to that schedule. But back to the surgery room. A gauze pad may have been placed by the dentist. After you have left his rooms, do make sure that you leave it in place until at least four hours after you have left. This next step should only be done if the dentist says it’s alright. And do follow his lead on this tip. An ice bag could be applied to the affected area directly after the extraction.

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But it should only be placed for no more than ten minutes. Anytime longer than that could lead to tissue damage. Now, this should please you if you’re a hardworking guy or gal. Take a complete rest for at least a day after the procedure. And then still, take things easy for the next couple of days. Twenty-four hours after the tooth is removed, do rinse your mouth with a salt solution. But with just half a teaspoon of salt.

And just eight ounces of warm water. But bad news if you are a smoker. You have been advised to drop this habit until at least after the healing process is completed. And this time, why not have another go at giving up altogether?